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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Affordable Designer Sunglasses

Many buyers adore designer items because of their top-notch quality and durability. A pair of designer sunglasses, for example, can last for a long period—which can’t always be said of knockoffs. One would be lucky if a knockoff pair lasts for a year. However, while designer sunglasses often come with hefty price tags, some stores actually sell them at reasonable prices.
Below are a few examples of affordable designer eyewear:
This brand is well-known for sophistication and elegance, but in a stripped-down way, and its line of sunglasses for women are no different. While originally founded in Paris in 1945, the brand didn't earn worldwide recognition until the late 1990s. These days, CELINE is among the most-coveted brands in the world.
Louis Vuitton
As one of the most desirable labels today, LV has conquered every fashion aspect: from shoes to purses. This brand's sunglasses are also preferred by many, including celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jay-Z. No wonder a number of retailers have chosen this brand to “imitate.” It has also inspired the creation of classy but affordable designs.

Dior is yet another label that many fashionistas will pay good money for. The founder of Dior had humble beginnings in France, where he was, at one point, even penniless. These days, Dior has become a brand that's largely associated with opulence, a total turnaround from its modest origin.  

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