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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Timelessness: On Wearing Native American Jewelry

Native American culture is rich and filled with spirituality, giving it a distinct charm of its own. To this day, the traditions Native Americans have passed down through the generations survive and still manage to capture the imagination of other people. In particular, the jewelry created and worn by Native Americans are an enduring fashion statement.

Typically, Native American jewelry is mostly beaded and embellished with gemstones such as turquoise. These accessories usually figured into rituals and other ancient traditions. However, the conventional jewelry line also boasts of silver accessories that incorporate natural designs and features. Their rustic feel and appearance allows them to easily fit rustic and Bohemian-inspired fashion.

Due to their simple, yet elegant, appeal, Native American jewelry can be paired with most casual getups for a progressive look. Pieces made from turquoise are iconic of the Native American style, and will draw a lot of curious attention. Those who can trace their ancestry back to Native American roots can wear these accessory pieces proudly, since the items are a subtle yet effective way to convey association. Whether you truly are of Native American descent or you simply love the designs, these traditional jewelry are timeless classics that will never go out of fashion completely.

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