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Monday, February 24, 2014

Choosing Indian Jewelry: What the Gems Mean

The collections of exotic and statement Indian jewelry online is quite extensive, making it difficult to choose. Aside from considering your budget, your outfit, and the occasion, another way to decide is by basing your choice on the gem's meanings. Turquoise is a treasured gem among Native Americans. Timelessly beautiful turquoise gems are stringed as a necklace or embedded in animal pendants and rings. It represents strength, and combats illness. It is also associated with good fortune.

Emerald, in characteristic green, symbolizes a powerful trio: faith, hope and love. It inspires loyalty in romance and devotion to the higher beings. Alternatively, its healing properties are utilized for heart and eye ailments. Onyx, a black semi-precious gemstone, usually comes in oval shapes or domes. It gives off a calming effect as it harbors negative thoughts and temper. Lovely onyx rings are meant for stability during times of stress or unhappiness.

Garnet stones exhibit rich or dark red colors that intend to bring great fortune or success. There are also other colors of this gem, but the red variety is the most popular. Whether it be for business or profession, red garnets empower the owner's self-esteem and charisma.

Choosing jewelry by considering the gems’ backgrounds make more meaningful statement accessories or gifts to others. The value or story behind the piece can bring the wearer more confidence or the keeper more delicate care. Vintage or contemporary Indian jewelry would be perfect tributes to individual personality and uniqueness.

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