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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why Wear Sunglasses?

There’s no denying that sunglasses are stylish. After all, icons like Kanye West, Elton John and Karl Lagerfeld all use these spectacles to complete their signature look. Indeed, a pair of signature sunglasses can instantly add glamor and style to whatever you’re wearing. Did you know that they also offer nifty benefits? Read on to know more.
Prevents Cataracts
When you don sunglasses, you not only block out the sun’s glare but also its harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. According to the World Health Organization, almost a million people go blind due to cataracts, which are linked to UV ray exposure.

Protects Against Debris
There may have been occasions when you’re simply walking down the street, enjoying the breeze, when a speck of sand suddenly enters your eye and irritates it? Now, if you were wearing sunglasses, the debris would have no chance of coming in contact with your eyes. Sunglasses are, thus, ideal in blustery weather when all sorts of debris are carried by the wind.

Improves Vision
While some sunglasses have prescription lenses, those that don’t can still help you see clearer. For instance, if the day is particularly sunny, your vision might be hampered by the sun’s glare. Fortunately, sunglasses reduce the glare so you can see better and avoid potential accidents or injury.

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